At UK Warranty we provide market-leading warranty products for a range of industries of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re looking to generate new revenue, build customer loyalty, broaden your service offering, or simply improve your existing warranty provision; we develop a product to help you realise your business objectives.

  • Branded Manufacturers Icon Branded Manufacturers

    With our range of promotional warranty products and additional benefit warranties, you can improve your brands offer to the market.

  • Distributors Icon Distributors

    With our range of manufacturer, promotional and extended warranty products, you will have the flexibility to buy goods and still provide market leading warranties.

  • Independent retailers Icon Independent retailers

    Our range of warranty products designed for independent retailers will deliver you a end to end service that will help your business deliver additional income.

  • National retailers Icon National retailers

    Our market-leading range of promotional and extended warranty products protect your customers and their goods whilst providing additional income and a competitive edge to your business.

  • OEM Manufacturers Icons OEM Manufacturers

    We have a range of manufacturer warranty products that will ensure your products are protected so you can sell with confidence that service is covered.