National Appliance Retailers

Our warranty products will allow you to run promotions without the hassle of implementation and delivery.

    Our warranty products will allow you to run promotions without the hassle of implementation and delivery.

    UK Warranty’s systems can be implemented at pace to ensure service delivery can be achieved when its needed, even if the time line is short.

    Below are some of the benefits of working with one of our Promotional or extended services:

    Bespoke Branded Registration Page

    Direct your customers to a bespoke branded registration page that allows them to register their appliance and benefit from a promotional warranty.

    Brand and Model Specific

    Control which brands and models quality for the promotional warranty.

    Time Relative

    Control from when and for how long a promotion will last. On top of this, you can limit how long a customer qualifies for a promotion dependant on the number of days since it was purchased.

    Zero Hassle

    Our service team and market leading technology take care of everything for you. Telephone calls, customer administration, documentation, online registration and management information are all taken care of.

    Cost Efficiency

    Our promotional warranty’s are a fixed cost per unit, this allows retailers to accurately budget after sales service costs, ensuring there are no unexpected repair and replacement costs affecting their bottom line.

    Service Efficiency

    All after sales, warehousing, call centres and distribution is taken care of by UK Warranty, allowing retailers to scale down their aftercare infrastructure, which could result in a significant cost saving.

    30,000sqft Spares Warehouse

    We store spare parts on behalf of manufacturers all over the world and currently hold in excess of 50,000 stocked lines, allowing parts to be delivered to our repair centres and engineers within 24 hours.


    If goods are beyond repair, UK Warranty’s replacement team will source a replacement at no additional cost to the customer, deliver it free of charge and can arrange for responsible disposal of broken goods in line with the WEEE directive.

    Revenue Generation

    Our service can also give manufacturers an additional revenue stream through offering in-the-box extended warranty products supported by our customer contact centre and white labelled websites. This allows customers to extend their warranty up to 10 years for an additional cost.